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Kuato Studios — 3D Artist   April 2012 — March 2015
London, UK

Dino Tales (Platform iOS, Android) 2015
Art Lead
Organisation of art assets and requirements, whilst managing team’s tasks and time frame
Liase communication between art team and code team
Creation of main character models and textures, as well as props/additional 3D assets
Optimisation of assets and implementation within Unity
Oversee animator’s workflow and implementation
Creation of marketing assets and video trailer/promotional items

Coderunner (TBD), Recall (2014), Hakitzu (2013) (Platform iOS, Android)
3D Artist
Assist in game design tasks and creation of game design elements
Creation of a wide array of 3D game elements, including characters, monsters, props and environmental assets
Creation and implementation of all normal and diffuse mapping within Unity
Design and creation of promotional assets including high poly models and video effects
Testing of assets on device

Aurasma (via Autonomy) – 3D Digital Artist    June 2011—April 2012
London, UK

Development and creation of 3D characters, props and scenery (including models, textures, lighting)
Creation of high poly and shader projections onto low poly models
Integration of 3D characters into game engine for augmented reality application
Creation and compositing of post effects for video demos
Overseeing team direction where needed and providing support to Creative Director

Allie Katz Art – 3d Generalist / FX Artist / Animator    Dec 2006 – Present
London, UK

4-D Projection – ARK Charity Ball
Drive Production

Creation and implementation of procedural V-ray textures and realistic lighting set-ups
Production support for modeling and animation and adaptation of assets for 4-D projection
Render set-up and optimization as well as post production compositing

Product Marketing and Brand Recognition
BTU Research

Creation of high quality product models from CAD files and implementation of textures
Handling all client interaction including discussion of assets and deliverables
Designing of storyboards for original concepts for four individual videos
Procurement of required assets within budget
Preparation and/or creation of all models, textures, lighting, camera set up and animation
Implementation of all post effects
Design and creation of 3D graphics for company website and product packaging

Television Commercial Mahindra Tractors
Locke Bryan Productions

Creation of model and associated V-ray textures, including procedural textures
Camera mapping and creation of matching 3D lighting set up
Prep for compositing, rigging and animation of model and camera effects

Television Commercial Academy Sports and Outdoors
Locke Bryan Productions

Creation of photo-real model and associated V-ray textures
Camera mapping and creation of matching 3D lighting set up
Animation of model and realistic camera effects

Documentary film Everyday Sunshine (2010)
Sneaky Little Sister Productions

Adaptation of client’s concepts into visuals
Creation of still vector drawing assets for held shots
Creation of hand drawn 2D animated clips in Illustrator

Feature film The Last Flight of the Champion (release TBD)
Omnipulse Entertainment

Creation and design of in scene effects, in production and post
Blocking and tweening of character and prop animations, set up of camera compositions
Creation of matte paintings and background plates

Education Web Series Uncommon Scents #1 and N-Squad #3
Rice University Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning

Creation of all major art assets for animations
Design and creation of all character art and props
Redesign of web pages using Dreamweaver

Promotional Animation
Texas Great Barrier Reef

Creation of a 3 minute promotional animation as part of a small team
Producer of preproduction, co-producer and animator on multiple production shots

3D GUI/Interactive Design and Implementation

Creation of 3D user-friendly interactive for marketing purposes

Smith International (now Schlumberger) – Multimedia Production Specialist    Nov 2008 – Jun 2009
Houston, TX, USA

Planning and production of animation, motion graphics, and 3D models for marketing
Consult with clients and assist in promotional materials design
Edit, rebuild, and re-dub old videos

Medical Instruction Unlimited – Animation/Project Manager    Nov 2007 – Jul 2008
Houston, TX, USA

Creation of medical animations and instructional video
Organization of projects and management of production

TimeGate Studios – Section 8 (Xbox 360 / PS3) (2009) – Production Artist Intern    Apr 2007 – Oct 2007
Sugar Land, TX, USA

Creation of concept sketches, full environmental models, and textures
Particle effects through Cascade/UE3, Matte Paintings